ToRPEDO: 5G scare even before its gains foothold

  • In a paper presented inĀ  Mobile World Congress, a new threat has been identified that can be exploited in 4G/5G enabled android devices. It just requires for the attacker to make multiple calls to victims devices in short span of time that enables attacker to “sniff the paging messages”
  • These paging messages can be triggered by sending SMSes also to the victims devices
  • The attacker then find-out the IMSI , MOBILE NUMBER AND GEO LOCATIONĀ  as well as carry out denial of service attacks
  • As per the paper ” such attacks can be made stealthy in the sense that the attacker can make phone calls and send SMS messages that trigger paging messages without alerting the user of the victim device”

The entire details of attack mechanism are available in link given below

Source: ToRPEDO Privacy Attack on 4G/5G Networks Affects All U.S. Carriers | Threatpost | The first stop for security news