Human factor: Weakest Link! But Strongest Element in Implementation In Cyber Security

Human factor: Weakest Link!

  • It has been always been a strong point of debate  whenever it is discussed for implementation of Cyber Security..  Who is the Weakest Link? Identification has never been difficult for Security team and they  have be univocally supported by both, Executives and /management…THE USER.
  • The User.. is known by many other names
    • Client
    • End user
    • field agents
    • office staff
    • non developers
  • Since ages the human link is taken as “Weakest Link” in security be it Physical or now “Cyber”.
  • However This fact has been overlooked more often that not that very same “HUMAN” factor is major contributor in implementing the ROBUST SECUTIY ARCHITECTURE.
  • Awareness : What Lets one down is the “Lack Of Awareness Training”..The basics are forgotten..what is the main factor to plug this?.. Create Awareness… How? Training is the best way of creating awareness.
    • It can be integral part of appraisals process.
    • Divide into various levels of training
      • Beginners ..for freshers and new recruits
      • Middle level…for those having completed some time in the company and those who are due for appraisal
      • Advanced and Refresher courses… At the time of change of any major policy or revision as well as on introduction of new equipment
  • Thus we can say its always the Onus on the Security Professionals as well as the Management
  • A detailed study carried out by eforensics magazine highlights such issues

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