US voter database leak was discovered by Chris Vickery, a white hat hacker.

Millions of US voter accounts exposed with sensitive data.

Researcher Chris Vickery, uncovered this database which was left open for everyone to access. In his conversation with Forbes, he says he got access to almost 300GB of voter data including names, home addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, party affiliations, and logs of whether or not they had voted in primary or general elections. However, this database does not contain any financial information or any information related to social security number.

Chris Vickery, after discovering the open database, verified the authenticity of it by looking up for his own information in the database table and also looking up for the information about the several police officers in his city of Texas. Just to reverify after not believing himself, he put in his parents name and to his surprise, it was there in the database with a flash of seconds.

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Later to verify the company which is responsible for the setting up digital campaigns for the political parties, Vickery chased NationBuilder believing that certain markers in the database pointed to a NationBuilder-designed database. However, A NationBuilder spokesperson denied by saying that the IP address linked to the leaked database was not one of theirs, and the IP address was not related to any of their hosted clients.

Well, it could then be a non-hosted NationBuilder customer, responsible for the misconfiguration. The provider’s CEO Jim Gilliam said,

“It is possible that some of the information it contains may have come from data we make available for free to campaigns. From what we’ve seen, the voter information included is already publicly available from each state government so no new or private information was released in this database. We strongly believe in making voter information more accessible to political campaigns and advocacy groups, so we provide cleaned versions of that publicly accessible information to them for free.”

As of now no one has taken the responsibility for the leak. The FBI New York field office and Internet Crime Complaint Center were contacted and Vickery too.


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