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IntroductionNeurevt bot “Beta Bot” has a lot of functionalities along with an extendable and flexible infrastructure. Upon installation, the bot injects itself into almost all user processes to take over the whole system. Moreover, it utilizes a mechanism that makes use of Windows messages and the registry to coordinate those injected codes. The bot communicates with its C&C server through HTTP requests. Different parts of the communication data are encrypted (mostly with RC4). Many components cover a large number of the most popular malicious functionalities, including downloading malware, DDoS attacks, and credentials stealing.

Neurevt bot Malware Analysis

Neurevt Bot, Malware analysis





 Think, before you click! Read the prompts your system shows you and do not click “Yes” or “OK” thoughtlessly. In case of doubt, ask someone for help or try to search the Internet for more information about the prompt in question.

 An up-to-date comprehensive security solution with a malware scanner, firewall, web and real-time protection is an absolute must. A spam filter that protects you from unwanted spam emails also makes sense.

 The installed operating system, browser and its components as well as the security solution installed should always be kept up-to-date. Program updates should be installed as soon as possible to close existing security vulnerabilities.

In addition to these recommendations, more details exist at the following link:


To detect and remove this threat and other malicious software that may be installed on your computer, run a full-system scan with an appropriate, up-to-date, security solution.


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