1. Blockchain¬†¬† New era of information technology has arrived. Is presence can felt on the cyber domain. In last one decade, the new technologies and their advancement has defied all logic. It’s been a great twentieth century, wherein we got engrossed in Bitcoins, and underlying technology of Blockchain.
  2. Then AI got our attention…. as Google has to withdraw its prototype once the robots started using their own language..(wasn’t that what we wanted.. Robots to think and do our job smartly), But it scared us. Again fear of unknown.
  3. IOT, the Internet of (every)Thing, got the stalwarts of cloud computing and automation go gaga over it and many new opportunities were realized as it gained popularity .
  4. The mysterious black particle that united the scientists and researchers together to get hold of this elusive super particle to solve the mysteries of universe
  1. Of late, everyone related to encryption and cyber security, as well as companies selling products that use encryption algorithms are smitten by the Quantum Computing. Its being perceived as the threat to encryption, as the phenomenal  computational power will break any encryption by breaking the encoding keys. Though theoretically its possible and the QC is still in its in nascent stage ..its already grabbing enough support worldwide.

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